About Master’s

The end of the twentieth century in the West witnessed a continued growth of the seeds sown in the Renaissance: the rise of the autonomous self and the questioning of religious authority. These cultural values were (and still are in many ways) in conflict with the Christian values of community and the authority of the Bible. During this period, The Southern Baptist Convention experienced a great deal of struggle to maintain its convictions against the tide of the culture, and theological liberalism. This conflict was not limited to seminaries or denominational institutions—it was worked out even in local churches.

Here in Kansas City, in 1999 God led a Southern Baptist Congregation in a reformation and reconstitution that would protect her from the cultural pressures of postmodernism. This ministry was named The Master’s Community Church and is yet an SBC ministry. Since its founding then, The MCC has pursued biblical community under the authority of God’s Word. This is manifested through expository preaching, a high value of church membership, serious worship, and a missions emphasis. We maintain these pursuits through our ministry vision: Exalting Christ and Equipping You. To maintain this vision in the years ahead, we pursue four ministry values: Discipleship, Fellowship, Outreach, and Prayer. To grow in each of these areas—and yet stay balanced as a ministry—we have broken the yearly calendar into “ministry emphasis seasons.” Thus, Prayer season is from November-January, Discipleship season is from February-April, Fellowship season goes from May-July, and Outreach season is August-October. During each ministry emphasis season that ministry receives our attention in small groups, Sunday services—and hopefully your life, too!

It is our desire to see all church members involved in some area of church ministry. We believe there is great value in this in terms of building up the body and true satisfaction for the believer. Ultimately God is glorified as every part of the body works together for the common good. In our efforts to “equip” the believer, we hope to accomplish much more than increasing head knowledge. Bible study and theology are central to what we do, but in the end we strive for biblical wisdom which applies our knowledge about God’s word to our lives in a way that displays His glory through the service and gospel ministry of His people.

Please take time to explore the menu for all of the information about us. Here you will find helpful information about our beliefs, ministry practice, and more. We hope this information will be useful in “getting to know” The MCC, and help you in making the decision about what church family you will call home.