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Why be Faithful in the Covenant?

Since God shows His jealousy by establishing structures though which we fellowship with Him  (1 Chronicles review), ignoring those structures defames His reputation through us

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How does God’s Greatness influence Local Church Fellowship?

Bible Text: 1 Chron 29:10-13 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: 1 Chronicles | God’s ultimacy provides us with all that we would willingly give

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What is the Relationship between War and Worship in the Old Testament?

Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 27 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: Courageous in the Covenant | Israel needed military organization (1 Chron 27:1-15) because they

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How is God Glorified in Behind the Scenes Ministry?

Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 26 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: 1 Chronicles | Because corporate worship requires orderly gatherings (1 Chron 26:1-19) and the

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How does our Relationship with Music affect our Relationship with God?

Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 25 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: 1 Chronicles | Singing to God words that proclaim His greatness and deeds encourages

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