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What do our Children pray about?

Paul urges dads to train their children in a gracious manner (Eph 6:4), aware of God’s commitment to His glory in them (Deut 4:1-8; 6:1-9)

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How Does One’s View of the Bible Influence Their View of Baptism?

Bible Text: Psalm 19, Romans 6:1-14 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: baptism Since the Bible reveals God (Psalm 19), our view of Christianity and

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How Might we Follow the Reformers’ Concerns for “Scripture Alone”?

Bible Text: Various | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: The Five Solas of the Reformation The Reformers understood the Scriptures of the Old and New

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How do Men prosper by fearing the Lord?

Bible Text: Psalm 128 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: Father’s Day Psalm 128 provides a glowing, idyllic picture of the success the Lord provides

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How does the Lord strengthen Men?

Bible Text: Psalm 127 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: Father’s Day In Psalm 127 the author poetically describes God as the One ultimately providing

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How should God’s Revelation of Himself affect our View of Education?

Bible Text: Colossians 1, Psalm 19 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: Christian Education Join us as we recognize graduates and think about education within God’s

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