Facility Use Policy

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  • Purpose Statement

The Master’s Community Church (“church”) facility located at 2548 S. 42nd Street, Kansas City, Kansas 66106 (“facility(ies)”) was provided through God’s benevolence and by the sacrificial generosity of church members. The church desires that its facilities be used for the fellowship of the Body of Christ and to bring God glory. Although the facilities are not generally open to the public, we make our facilities available to approved non-members as a witness to our faith, in a spirit of Christian charity, and as a means of demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in practice. However, facility use will not be permitted to persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with the church’s faith or moral teachings, which are summarized in, among other places, the church’s doctrinal statement and bylaws. Nor may church facilities be used for activities that contradict, or are deemed inconsistent with, the church’s faith or moral teachings. The united decision of the elders (see The Master’s Community Church By-Laws, Article VI) is the final authority concerning use of church facilities. This restricted facility use policy is necessary for two important reasons. First, the church may not in good conscience materially cooperate in activities or beliefs that are contrary to its faith. Allowing its facilities to be used for purposes that contradict the church’s beliefs would be material cooperation with that activity, and would be a grave violation of the church’s faith and religious practice as expressed in the doctrinal statement and by-laws. Second, it is very important that the church present a consistent message to the community, and that the church staff and members conscientiously maintain that message as part of their witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Allowing facilities to be used by groups or persons who express beliefs or engage in practices contrary to the church’s faith would have a severe, negative impact on the message that the church strives to promote. It could also cause confusion and scandal to church members and the community because they may reasonably perceive that by allowing use of our facilities, the church agrees with the beliefs or practices of the persons or groups using its facilities. Therefore, in no event shall persons or groups who hold, advance, or advocate beliefs, or advance, advocate, or engage in practices that contradict the church’s faith use any church facility. Nor may church facilities be used in any way that contradict the church’s faith. This policy applies to all church facilities, regardless of whether the facilities are connected to the church’s sanctuary, because the church sees all of its property as holy and set apart to worship God (Col 3:17).

  • Approved Users and Priority of Use

The elders (see The Master’s Community Church By-Laws, Article VI) must approve all uses of church facilities. Generally, priority shall be given to church members, their immediate families, and organized groups that are part of the ministry, organization, or sponsored activities of the church. Church facilities and equipment will be made available to non-members or outside groups meeting the following qualifications:
1.   Groups or persons requesting facility use must affirm that their beliefs and practices and planned uses of the facilities are not in contradiction with the church’s faith and practice.
2.   The group or person seeking facility use must submit a signed “Church Facility Reservation Request and Agreement” form, a copy of which is attached as Exhibit A.
3.   The group or person seeking facility use must be willing to take responsibility for the facilities and equipment used and must agree to abide by the church’s rules of conduct for facility use, as stated below and as described in any additional instructions by church staff.

  • Facility Use Hours

Facilities are available between the hours of ___ a.m. and ___ p.m. Use outside these hours may be approved by the elders (see The Master’s Community Church By-Laws, Article VI).

  • Scheduling Events

Facility use requests shall be made to the elders (see The Master’s Community Church By-Laws, Article VI) official designee by submitting the “Church Facility Reservation Request and Agreement” form. The event will be reserved and placed on the church calendar only when the elders or official designee approves the use.

  • Fees

Use of church facilities is subject to a use and maintenance fee of $_____ to pay for the upkeep of church facilities. Church members are not required to pay a fee for usage because maintenance of the facilities are derived from member tithes and offerings.  A security deposit of $________________ may be collected at the discretion of the pastor or official designee.   

  • Facility Use Guidelines

1. Alcohol Policy:  No alcohol may be served in church facilities.
2. Smoking Policy:  Smoking is prohibited on any portion of the church property.
3. Groups are restricted to only those areas of the facility that the group has reserved.
4. Food and beverages are restricted to the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen.
5. Church equipment, such as tables and chairs, must be returned to original placement, unless arranged otherwise prior to the event.
6. All lights must be turned off and doors locked upon departure.
7. Satisfactory clean-up is the responsibility of the group using the facility and is defined as the return of the facility and all equipment to the state of the facility and equipment prior to the event.  A cleaning fee of $______ may be charged at the discretion of the pastor or official designee.
8. Abusive or foul language, violent behavior, and drug or alcohol abuse are strictly prohibited on church premises. Any person exhibiting such behavior will be required to leave the premises.
9. Any person or group must sign the “Church Facility Reservation Request and Agreement” form prior to reservation of church facilities.
10. The church has implemented a Marriage Policy, a copy of which is attached as Exhibit B.

  • Insurance

For all non-church-sponsored events, the group or person using the facilities must obtain and show proof of liability insurance coverage. The user must also sign a “Facility Use and an Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement”, a copy of which is attached as Exhibit C.




Name of person or organization requesting use of facilities: _____________________________________________________________________________________


Please state whether you are a:

  • Church Member
  • Church-Sponsored Ministry
  • Non-Member
  • Non-Member Group/Organization

Contact Information:


Phone Number:________________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address:________________________________________________________________________

If the requested use is by an organization not affiliated with the church, please briefly state the organization’s purpose and mission:________________________________________________________



Please list the organization’s website, if any:_________________________________________________

Please list the names of the organization’s office-holders and leaders: _____________________________________________________________________________________




Regardless of type of user, please describe which church facilities you are requesting use of and the purpose for which you intend to use the facilities:____________________________________________










What date(s) and time(s) are you requesting to use the facilities:________________________________







If you are requesting use of the church’s facilities for a wedding and/or wedding reception, please see the church’s Marriage Policy Form, a copy of which is attached as Exhibit B to the church’s Facility Use Policy.

I affirm that:

  1. I understand that the church does not allow its facilities to be used in a way that contradicts its faith or to be used by persons or groups holding beliefs that contradict the church’s faith.
  1. To the best of my knowledge the purpose for which I am requesting use of church facilities will not contradict the church’s faith, and I commit to promptly disclose any potential conflict of which I am aware or become aware to the elders (see The Master’s Community Church By-Laws, Article VI).
  1. I am not aware of any beliefs that are professed by me or the organization I represent and which is requesting use of the church’s facilities that contradict the beliefs of the church. I agree to promptly disclose any potential conflicts in belief to the elders (see The Master’s Community Church By-Laws, Article VI).
  1. I understand that upon approval of my facilities use request, I will need to provide a security deposit in the amount of $___________ , a certificate of insurance for at least $___________ of coverage, and any other fees required by the church.
  1. I understand that the church does not allow its facilities to be generally available to the public, and that my use of these facilities is subject to the pastor’s approval, which is conditioned in part on my agreement to the requirements in the “Church Facility Use Policy,” a copy of which I have read and understood.
  1. I understand that I will be responsible for any damages to the church facilities resulting from this

proposed use of facilities.

  1. The church believes disputes are to be worked out between Christian parties without recourse to the courts. See, generally, Matthew Chapter 18 and 1 Corinthians Chapter 6. Accordingly, users of the facility agree to attempt resolution of any disputes through Christian mediation. In the case that the church is in dispute with a non-Christian party, legal action may be pursued at the discretion of the elders (see The Master’s Community Church By-Laws, Article VI).


Printed Name








Because marriage is ordained by God as the union of one man and one woman (Genesis 2.18-25; 1 Corinthians 7), represents Christ and His Church (Ephesians 5.22-33) and is to be held in honor by all (Hebrews 13.4), The Master’s Community Church takes marriage as a serious commitment [see The Master’s Community Church Doctrinal Statement, Section XXII: The Family].

 The Elders of The Master’s Community Church [see The Master’s Community Church By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1]: (1) perform marriages only for those who have the aforementioned Biblical understanding of the institution of marriage, and (2) permit its facilities to be used only by those who have this view of marriage. To this end, we require a minimum of 6 Biblical marriage instruction sessions:

  1. The nature of Christian marriage from the Biblical Texts cited above
  2. The importance of the personal spiritual disciplines, including church membership
  3. Husband/wife communication
  4. Biblical financial stewardship  
  5. Knowing God’s will and the decision making in marriage
  6. Biblical sexuality

  Several resources (books and articles) would be required reading for the couple and each of these sessions would involve some work outside of the counseling session.

If significant problems arise in any of these sessions, the Elders of The Master’s Community Church will require the couple to meet for further instruction on that issue.


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