A Note On Our Statement Of Faith

Knowing the importance of a statement of faith for defining the beliefs and practices of a local church, from 2003-2005 our church elders worked toward implementing a statement of faith that would unify our body and maintain our pursuit of sound teaching. Throughout this process, various members of the church body have joined the MCC leadership for study and discussion of doctrine.

Upon our completion of the statement of faith listed below, it was evaluated by leadership at Founder’s Ministries, Ligonier Ministries and the elders of two local churches. Thus, to the best of our current knowledge, the MCC statement of faith passes the test of being clear, complete, common and concise. In the end we trust it will be useful for the edification of each person associated with our church—those with higher education and those who do not have advanced theological training, those newly converted and those mature in the faith, adults and children alike.


The Master’s Community Church Statement of Faith is based upon the Abstract of Principles, the founding document for the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. If one were to read the original Abstract of Principles and then read the statement of faith from the Master’s Community Church, they would certainly notice a high degree of correspondence.
Yet, we have made a few alterations to the original Abstract. We have:

  1. Supplied Biblical references for each Roman-Numeral section
  2. Expanded the section on the Trinity (section III in the original Abstract) by giving each Person of the Godhead a specific Roman-Numeral section
  3. Modernized some of the language throughout the document (i.e. changing “thee” and “thou” to the modern pronoun “you”)
  4. Replacing the section on the Lord’s Day (section XVII in the original Abstract of Principles) to be in accord with the current Baptist Faith and Message 2000 statement on the Lord’s Day
  5. Added a section on “The Family” (section XXII), which was taken almost entirely from the Baptist Faith and Message 2000


Finally, in an effort to make our statement of faith even more “user-friendly,” we have written a Bible study that seeks to apply the doctrinal statement to the various ministry emphases of our local church. Thus, the ministry leaders for “Discipleship,” “Fellowship,” “Outreach” and “Prayer” have contributed questions that link the statement of faith with their particular ministry emphasis.

Read our Statement of Faith.