How To Use ScriptureStoryline

“As a daily Bible reading guide, Scripture Storyline provides the believer with a guided tour through the pages of Holy Writ, showing at both the macro and micro levels how the single story of Scripture hangs together. By seeing how Old Testament passages point forward to Christ, how New Testament passages display the glory foretold in the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms, and how each individual book and section holds together, the reader comes away with a grasp of the “big picture” of the Bible. To borrow from the words of Bishop Handley Dunelm, may it have “a wide circulation … [and] … go deep as well as far, and imprint by the grace of God upon its reader’ souls something of that supreme content and delight in the Lord Jesus” who Himself is the ultimate climax of the storyline of Scripture.”


Todd L. Price, PhD
Budapest, Hungary
Pioneers (Roma Bible Translation Team Coordinator)
Roma Bible Society (Translation & Training Coordinator)
unfoldingWord (Project Coordinator for UGNT/UGL/UGP)

How To Use ScriptureStoryline

ScriptureStoryline is an expression of Biblical Theology. Every book of Scripture is give attention as an independent portion of God’s Word with its own context and contribution(s), then synthesized with the whole of Scripture. Each book of the Old Testament is surveyed in its own right, including how specific texts and themes from each book are used in the New Testament. Each book of the New Testament is likewise analyzed for its message, with special attention to it’s use of specific Old Testament texts and themes. A unique feature of ScriptureStoryline is that the Psalms and Proverbs are not studied individually, but, as often as possible, in accord with the situation that prompted their composition. Where we are unsure as to the original situation of a Psalm/chapter of Proverbs, it is placed thematically in the study plan.

ScriptureStoryline commentaries are organized in two  formats: (1) Old and New Testament commentaries provide a framework for studying any particular book of Scripture. The commentaries provide a curriculum for teachers, classes and small groups. (2) Daily commentaries cover the entire Bible in one calendar year and are available for delivery to your inbox by clicking the “contact/subscribe” tab above. These facilitate personal or family worship and require 15-30 minutes/day for adequate reading and reflection.

You can download the reading calendar here:

2017 ScriptureStoryline Reading Calendar

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