1 Chronicles 23-27

Upon stating Solomon’s rise to power—which again becomes the focus in 1 Chronicles 28—the chronicler went on to give an extensive view of the spiritual ministers of the temple.  Never straying far from his literary aim of providing the returned exiles with a “theological vision” for their own situation, he … Continue reading

1 Chronicles 19-22; Psalms 20, 108, 140

In the Chronicler’s account of the life of King David two themes dominate the text: David’s desire to build the temple, and his great military success.  In 1 Chronicles 19-22 the author set forth a catalogue of David’s conquests, including the haughty military census.  Yet, ever concerned for the temple, … Continue reading

1 Chronicles 10-12; Psalms 124, 126, 131, 141

For nine chapters the chronicler catalogued the family tree of the faithful with great care.  His concern was to legitimize the returning exiles within the framework of redemptive history.  The remainder of First Chronicles is devoted to the life the great King David and the initial phase of the Golden … Continue reading

1 Chronicles 1-5

The books of 1 and 2 Chronicles provide an historian’s perspective on the events in Israel and Judah from the reign of King Saul, through the Babylonian captivity, and to King Cyrus’ decree allowing a remnant to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple.  The material often parallels that found … Continue reading