1 Samuel 30-31; Psalms 4, 18, 58 and 61

Although not directly stating such, the death of Saul in1 Samuel 31 would obviously free David from Saul’s relentless pursuit—a time he poetically described as when, “The ropes of death were wrapped around me; the torrents of destruction terrified me” (Ps 18.4). But David had to yet undergo the full … Continue reading

1 Samuel 15-16

While the early days of Saul’s reign were effective, after the Israelites grew cowardly and deserted before the Philistines, the king took matters into his own hands. He could no longer wait on Samuel to arrive and offer the burnt offerings and fellowship offerings before going to battle; he hastily … Continue reading

1 Samuel 5-10

These chapters recall the themes established in the initial scenes of 1 Samuel: the relationship between the ark of the Covenant and the LORD’s presence, and concerns about who would provide leadership for Israel. Despite the fact that the Philistines had captured the ark, the LORD’s presence was in fact … Continue reading