Daniel 5-6

After Daniel remained steadfast in his dietary commitments, Nebuchadnezzar elevated him to his court and “Daniel remained there until the first year of King Cyrus” (1.21).  The significance of this information rises to the surface in Daniel 5-6.  The prophet was so valuable that after Nebuchadnezzar passed, Daniel remained in … Continue reading

Daniel 7-12

Unlike Jeremiah and Ezekiel, Daniel was not a preaching prophet; his ministry was prophetic interpretation and writing.  Earlier Daniel provided Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar with interpretations of their dreams (chs 2 and 5); later he wrote down his own visions and their interpretation for the generations to come (chs 7-12).  These … Continue reading

Daniel 1-4

The situation of Daniel and friends is another example of God’s selfishness for glory in the life of the exiles, consistently upholding their leaders in times of threat (cf. Ezra 1.1-4; 6.1-22; Nehemiah 4; Esther 7-10).  Daniel (given the Chaldean name, Belteshazzar) was one of the select young men taken … Continue reading