Deuteronomy 31-34; Psalm 119:169-176

The final scene in Deuteronomy details the transition of leadership from Moses to Joshua. Yet the change of leadership is often in the backdrop of the portrayal of Israel’s soon-to-be covenant failure. On the eve of Israel’s entrance to the Promised Land, God told the aging Moses that Israel would … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 27-30; Psalm 119:161-168

These chapters record the final sermons of Moses. Moses’ second sermon comprises the bulk of Deuteronomy (chs 5-26), where he specifically applied the Law—especially the Ten Commandments—to Israel’s soon-to-be situation in Canaan. These last two sermons, while lacking the length of the first, should not be discounted; here Moses set … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 21-26; Psalm 119:153-160

This section of Deuteronomy is the conclusion of Moses’ second sermon—which began in ch 5! While the sermon is lengthy and covers a variety of topics, in the conclusion Moses maintained his thesis: Israel should fully obey God’s Instruction so they would be successful and set-apart in the Promised Land. … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 16-20; Psalm 119:145-152

These chapters continue the ‘body’ of Moses’ second sermon of Deuteronomy (chs 5-26). The landscape of ideas is variegated but the central theme of the sermon has not changed since 6.3, where Moses spoke concerning God’s instructions: “Listen, Israel, and be careful to follow them, so that you may prosper … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 12-15; Psalm 119:137-144

These chapters of Deuteronomy continue Moses’ second sermon. In the introduction (chs 5-11), Moses set forth the proposition that Israel’s success in the Promised Land was directly related to their obedience of the LORD’s instruction (cf. Ps 119.137-144). His thesis was sustained in chapters 12-15. It does not come as … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 5-11: Psalm 119:129-136

Deuteronomy is a series of Moses’ sermons. The significance of these chapters is that they set forth the framework for covenant ethics: because of what God had done for His people—and who He had made them to be—they would experience His blessings if they obey Him but if they disobey … Continue reading

Deuteronomy 1-4; Psalm 119:121-128

Deuteronomy is a recapitulation of the Law set forth in the previous entries of the Pentateuch. Far from being a dry rehearsal of commands and events, Deuteronomy reads like a series of sermons. It may be best to consider Deuteronomy as Moses’ sermons to Israel as they prepared to enter … Continue reading