Esther 8-10

In the drama of the book of Esther, the Jews were raised from a common vassal nation of Persia to the preferred people of the land.  God is not mentioned—but He is not absent.  The final obstacle of the book recalls the reader to the contemporary world of the exiles. … Continue reading

Esther 4-7

Although Mordecai was reluctant to witness to the king concerning the Jewish background of him and his niece, the fact that he did not bow before the king’s highest ranking official shows that he was not a coward (cf. Esth 3.3).  In Esther 4-7 the text provides the resolution to … Continue reading

Esther 1-3

The narrative of Esther is a controversial book.  There is no reference to God, a Jewish woman married a pagan king, and the Jews initiated the Feast of Purim—the only ‘biblical’ festival not commanded by God.  For these reasons at least the Qumran community rejected the book of Esther, and … Continue reading