Job 38-42

When approaching the book of Job, one is often overwhelmed.  Its length, subject matter and theology press the reader as much as any book of the Bible.  Its message is clarified if we can picture Job and his friends in a courtroom: Job was the defendant, claiming righteousness even though … Continue reading

Job 29-37

These chapters could be considered the round of final arguments in the courtroom drama of the book of Job.  In Job’s concluding monologue of self-defense, the sufferer maintained that he was righteous before God and that his suffering was not the Almighty’s retribution for some secret sin.  The text also … Continue reading

Job 22-28

These chapters detail the third cycle of cross-examinations of Job.  Here only Eliphaz and Bildad approach the sufferer, and the text shows with great clarity the character of those involved.  Job’s friends were unrelenting in their understanding of spiritual retribution, and Job was fortified in his position as a righteous … Continue reading

Job 15-21

In Job 15-21 the righteous sufferer’s three friends each approached with a second attempt at cross-examination.  After Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar finished their interrogations, Job replied in kind, stating his innocence and questioning their well-accepted doctrine of retribution.   When Job finished listening to the first round of cross-examinations from … Continue reading

Job 8-14

In these chapters Job was cross-examined by both Bildad and Zophar.  Job replied in kind; with intermittent laments to God, his responses almost doubling the amount of words spoken by his interlocutors.  In the end Job’s friends “added nothing to him;” Job would have to endure his difficulty alone.  Ultimately … Continue reading

Job 4-7

The book of Job is a simple arrangement of complex ideas.  The issue of a righteous sufferer presses our theology to its limitations.  Job 4-7 records the first interaction between Job and one of his companions, Eliphaz; this pattern of dialogue continues through the remainder of the book, and Job … Continue reading

Job 1-3

The popularity of the book of Job can be attested in the fact that when even non-believers suffer, they are apt to quip, “I feel like Job!”  While many identify with Job on a superficial level it may be best to first approach the book objectively; when one analyzes the … Continue reading