Joshua 20-22

In these chapters Israel enjoyed God’s blessing, and began to live as a faithful covenant partner in Canaan. By establishing cites of refuge, Israel displayed a commitment to justice and mercy; by granting cities to the Levites, they showed devotion to God’s presence among them; by insisting on purity in … Continue reading

Joshua 5-8; Psalm 43

The first section of Joshua displayed God’s providence of leadership for His people. In these chapters Joshua led the people to follow God’s law in the conquest of the Promised Land. When Israel obeyed the demands of the old covenant, they enjoyed success in Canaan—but the disobedience of one man, … Continue reading

Joshua 1-4; Psalm 114

The opening chapters of Joshua have long been favorites of believers, especially Christian leaders. Those ministering at pastor’s conferences or seminary chapel services have preached these scenes to encourage servants to ‘stick with God’s word’ at the outset of their ministry endeavors. But the presentation of Joshua as Israel’s new … Continue reading