Leviticus 11-16; Psalm 119:73-80

God had demonstrated His holiness in sanctifying—purchasing and setting-apart—Israel in the Exodus (Exod 2.23-25; 4.21-23; 14.29-31). They were thus a holy people owned by the Holy One. Leviticus 11-16 states the degree of God’s purity by pointing up how easily Israelites could become ceremonially defiled. In fact, Israel’s worship leaders … Continue reading

Leviticus 8-10: Psalms 66, 119:65-72

Psalm 66 records the transparent joy of devout Israelite worship, a direct confrontation of those who continually paint Israel as a people of heartless cultic observance. Rather, the burnt offerings and sacrifices presented at the tabernacle were often the response of those who enjoyed God’s vindication (vv. 13-20). To aid … Continue reading