Leviticus 17-24; Psalm 119:81-88

God’s holiness was the foundation of Israel’s national identity. From His appearance on Mt Sinai (Exodus 19) through the days of Israel’s travels to the Promised Land (Numbers 33), God wished for His people to understand holiness as the essence of His nature—and to live accordingly. Leviticus 17-24 points up … Continue reading

Leviticus 11-16; Psalm 119:73-80

God had demonstrated His holiness in sanctifying—purchasing and setting-apart—Israel in the Exodus (Exod 2.23-25; 4.21-23; 14.29-31). They were thus a holy people owned by the Holy One. Leviticus 11-16 states the degree of God’s purity by pointing up how easily Israelites could become ceremonially defiled. In fact, Israel’s worship leaders … Continue reading

Leviticus 8-10: Psalms 66, 119:65-72

Psalm 66 records the transparent joy of devout Israelite worship, a direct confrontation of those who continually paint Israel as a people of heartless cultic observance. Rather, the burnt offerings and sacrifices presented at the tabernacle were often the response of those who enjoyed God’s vindication (vv. 13-20). To aid … Continue reading