Nehemiah 8-13

Unfortunately, the behavior of the returned exiles quickly began to resemble their forefathers—whose sin had led to their captivity in the first place (cf. 1 Kings 17, 25).  The people again had an operational temple, but they did not resemble the character of the law of Moses.  The final installment … Continue reading

Nehemiah 5-7

One would think that as the people made progress in rebuilding the wall, Nehemiah’s troubles would evaporate in the warm air of Palestine.  But that warm air actually caused a new crisis: the land was in a period of famine (Neh 5.3), and the people were desperate for daily supplies. … Continue reading

Nehemiah 1-4

A few years had passed from the completion of the temple until the time Nehemiah heard the news that the wall around Jerusalem had yet to be rebuilt.  Artaxerxes had followed Darius on the throne of Persia, and Nehemiah had come to a significant place in his court.  When Nehemiah … Continue reading