Numbers 26-29

The Scriptures are a storyline, not merely a random collection of ancient texts. They are arranged primarily for the sake of presenting the history of redemption. While on first hearing some texts may thus lack profound significance for the daily walk of the believer, as they are understood in their … Continue reading

Numbers 22-25; Psalms 106, 115 and 119:97-104

The initial record of Israel’s Transjordan conquest did not record military interaction with Moab. As the people of Balak received a new, and numerous, neighbor to the north, they were concerned for their own safety. Balak the Moabite king thought the sorcerer Balaam could rescue his people by cursing Israel … Continue reading

Numbers 15-19

These chapters show how God directed His covenant partner Israel after their great failure of faith. The text has few novelties; God continued to be faithful, and the people continued to complain against their leaders. Numbers 15-19 thus repeats again God’s command that Israel revere Him, and respect their leaders—since … Continue reading

Numbers 7-10

These chapters continue the theme of God’s presence among His people. Numbers 7-10 forms a bridge between the initial census of Israel (chs 1-6), and the survey of the land and subsequent failure of faith within the community (chs 11-14). Here the prominence of the tabernacle—and its accompanying cultic activities—further … Continue reading