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What did Jesus’ Family Expect from God?

Elizabeth’s exaltation (Luke 1:39-45), Mary’s song of praise (Luke 1:46-56), and Zechariah’s prophecy about his son John (Luke 1:57-80) at the first Christmas herald the

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Why should the Local Church be concerned about its Marriages?

Bible Text: Ephesians 5:15-21 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Since marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church, husbands and wives display core Christian

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Why is God gracious to us when we fail?

Bible Text: 1 Chron 14:13-17 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: 1 Chronicles | Though God chastises His people for their sin (1 Chron 13),

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Why Does Hebrews Describe the Coming of Christ With Such Urgency?

Bible Text: Hebrews 10 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: Advent 2017 Because Christ is God’s final word and fulfillment of the new covenant promise

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What Is the Logic of Repentance?

Bible Text: Luke 3:1-20 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: Luke In a period of faithless, social religion (Luke 3:1-2) the Lord sent John to

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