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The blessing of moms in God’s Kingdom, Be a FHUN Mom!

As God gifts mother’s with purpose by His Mercy & Grace; Mother’s gift your children with the knowledge of God’s unending faith, amazing power and

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“How Might Your Consistent Christianity Influence the World?”

Since God often deals with people patiently, within the structures of their lives (Dan 4:4-12), our consistent Christian witness serves as God’s means to help

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How does Jesus’ kingship impact our celebration of Palm Sunday?

Jesus’ kingship goes against expectations (John 12:12-15), demonstrates our need for the Holy Spirit (John 12:16), and displays the scope of His salvation (John 12:17-19).

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What Strengthens Us to Endure Persecution?

When authorities threaten us (Dan 3:1-7), we may be persecuted for our faith (Dan 3:8-15), yet remembering our place in God’s kingdom (Dan 3:16-18) will

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What does Confidence in God look like Today? (Part 2)

God’s people can demonstrate benevolence in crisis (Dan 2:24-30) because we are confident of our place in His Kingdom (Dan 2:31-45) even over the kingdoms

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