Vision And Values

Exalting Christ
Our over-arching desire is that Christ would be exalted through our lives and ministry. God has placed Christ as the head of the Church and we want to proclaim His supremacy over the world and The Master’s Community Church. Christ is exalted as we give ourselves fully to discipleship, fellowship, outreach and prayer (Acts 5:31; Col 1:15-18; Phil 2:5-11).

Equipping You!
God has called His people to Christ and enabled them with spiritual abilities for influencing a lost world toward Christ. To this end, we intentionally train each Believer to lead a lifestyle of ministry in discipleship, fellowship, outreach and prayer. Your good works in the Name of Christ will cause many to glorify our great God. (Eph 4:11-13; 1 Pet 4:7-11; Matt 5:13-16).

Sound Teaching
Does the MCC preach the Bible? Since the our aim is to have a joyful attitude as we submit to God’s will as revealed in Scripture, the MCC is committed to expository preaching, most often through studies of individual books of Scripture. We interpret the Scriptures as the special Revelation of God, inerrant and inspired in every part. In all of our application of God’s Word, we desire that the Holy Spirit would work in such a way that the Biblical authors would say, “Amen!”