On Saturday the Stones Cry Out

We had not updated our “Joshua” rock basket in fourteen months, so last Sunday evening I asked everyone to grab journals from 2013 and bring them to the living room.

In Joshua 3 God parted the waters of the Jordan and Israel crossed on dry ground as they entered Canaan. In Joshua 4 the LORD commanded Joshua to have the leader of each tribe gather stones from the Jordan as a means of remembering what God had done for them. Our rock basket mimics the memorial stones of Joshua 4, but the Psalms and Paul’s reflections in Philippians 2 and 4, and 2 Timothy 3- 4 reflect the same pattern of remembering God’s faithfulness.

We have family worship for about 10-15 minutes nearly every evening, and a portion of that time is spent in prayer for God’s leadership and blessing concerning family needs, church ministry, and world concerns. Then on Saturday nights we use the rock basket in family worship. Each person takes a rock and we read from the journal the particular blessing that that rock signifies for us. We then pray God will continue that blessing in our lives.

Occasionally during family worship I will have everyone grab journals and we will record what God is doing and update our lists of blessings. All this to say that when we gather to update our rock basket nearly everyone contributes a verse in the song of praise. So, there we sat in the living room Sunday reflecting on the answers to prayer and demonstrations of God’s faithfulness in 2013 and the beginning of 2014. This year we noted God’s blessings of work opportunities for kids, edification in the church, advances in the gospel around the world. By the time we finished the total count of rocks had reached 326, several from 2013!


Don't lose any sleep over it! We have a delayed start on Sunday, March 10, 2024

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