Master's Christian Academy

During the school year, our children’s ministry includes The Master’s Christian Academy, a cooperative educational effort for homeschool children. Established in the fall of 2004, several churches participate with us to augment the learning that takes place in each family. Each mom has the opportunity to be involved through teaching or helping in the classroom. We meet on Tuesday afternoons.

Children aged 3-5 will enjoy a great learning experience, led by a gifted mom. The students will begin their day with p.e., learning to follow directions, playing group games and developing coordination. The students will then have the opportunity to learn the basics of music, while learning fun songs. They will also participate in an art class, making a project to take home. For their last class, younger children will learn numbers and letters, while older students will have the option to attend a book club, where they will learn about and help read different genres of books.

Every semester a variety of classes are offered to provide a wide range of academic and social opportunities for the students. Classes are carefully planned based upon the current needs of children and the availability of moms to teach. Often classes are chosen that allow for group interaction, such as p.e., music and drama. We always begin their day with p.e. The students have the opportunity to play group games and learn basic rules of different sports. Drama productions which the students have performed include Hansel and Gretel in the Big Woods and the life of George Mueller in a play called A Father’s Prayer. Home-ec, art, and music appreciation are just a few other examples of classes that have been offered.

Masters' Performance Academy

Enter the world of ballet during this once-per-week ballet class! Students will have the opportunity to participate in a ballet class every single week after MCA regular classes are done. At the end of the semester, the students will perform the techniques they have learned for the rest of MCA.

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