Young Women of Worship, Work, and Witness: An Interview with Anna, Elizabeth, and Kennedy

Where are you currently employed, and what led you to apply at that job?

Anna: I am a lifeguard at the Gladstone Community Center, and I applied for that job because my brother and some friends already worked there.

Elizabeth: I currently work at Old Navy. I chose this company because I wanted a job that was my style and easy going. This place just felt right!

Kennedy: I am currently working as housekeeper 3 days per week, and I wanted to work here because it is only a few days per week and good pay and it is quite peaceful and flexible with hours.

How does this job develop your gifting and skills?

Anna: It helps be to be a better communicator and more willing do serve others.

Elizabeth: I love being around people and talking to people. For me this job is challenging because I have to be  kind to the customer even when they aren’t kind to me. I also have to know where everything in the store is so if a customer wants something I know right where to look. It has been challenging learning where everything is at.

Kennedy: I think that with this job it helps me to be more thorough with my own cleaning and helping at home with the family!

What influence did your parents have in getting you this job?

Anna: My parents encouraged me to take a class to be certified as a lifeguard, even though I was hesitant.

Elizabeth: When I was called to come for an interview I wasn’t quite sure if I could handle a job at this time in my life. I was really confused about what to do, so I talked to my parents and they encouraged me to try it out. I’m glad they did!

Kennedy: My parents wanted me to try out a real job at an actual store, so I did for awhile. When we realized that I had little family time, they and I thought it best to clean only and get the same pay as in the store, and less days.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Anna: I am a very social person, do I love the I’m constantly around people and trying to help them in any way that I can! It’s also a great way to meet new friends and having the chance to be a witness.

Elizabeth: I enjoy my job because I can dress in my style, express myself and be around people. I also get to help people pick out clothes – which I love to do. This job just really fits my personality and personal needs.

Kennedy: I think I mostly enjoy the peace and quiet I have to myself for the majority of the day. Its a very pleasant place to think and even pray throughout the day.

What are the greatest challenges you have had while working here, or at another job?

Anna: It can be very stressful when things don’t go as they should and I know what to do, but I’m not in the position to do anything about it. And also when someone needs serious medical attention immediately.

Elizabeth: The greatest challenge I had while working at my previous job was being on their schedule. I hated not being the planer of my own schedule. Once I was on the schedule it was my responsibility to show up, even if I didn’t want to. That’s the way it is at most part time jobs though, so I’ve  had to get used to it.

Kennedy: The biggest challenges here at this job are probably with being patient. As my boss right now is pregnant and very hormonal, and unreasonable at times. So being patient with her and not getting angry when she is unreasonable is the biggest struggle.

How can the church pray for you as an employed teen?

Anna: That I would stand strong in the faith and “not be conformed to this age”.

Elizabeth: Pray that Christian teenagers would be strong in their faith while at work. This is probably the first chance many have at seeing the world and it is hard to live up to your faith when you are the only one. It’s easy to push it aside and not share the gospel just to “fit in”. Also pray that they would be blessed with a good, safe work environment that is easy to work in. That can make all the difference in their life.

Kennedy: I would really appreciate prayer for my tolerance level and patience to be better towards my boss!

What advice would you give to teens who are thinking of getting a job, or “tweens” who are thinking about employment in the years to come?

Anna: I would tell them to pray about it (with their parents especially), and chose a job that you’re able to use your gifting’s at the most and where you can glorify God.

Elizabeth: My advice to those who are young and looking for their first job would be to find a job that is your fit. Don’t just take the first job that comes along. This is a big commitment and you need to know you will enjoy it. Believe me, there is nothing worse than having a job that you can’t stand. Also, keep your parents informed and ask their advice. They may have insight or ideas you never thought of. They can also encourage and support  you when you make the big decision.

Kennedy: I would tell them to be a thorough, honest and hardworking employee wherever they are and it will pay off for them! Even if they don’t really like their job that much, be a hard worker and you will be rewarded! 🙂


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