25th Anniversary Prayer Requests


  1. Growing MCG groups.
  2. Continued faithfulness in biblical teaching.
  3. Increased development of teachers and preachers via workshops, training, etc.
  4. Greater Titus 2 mentorship, difficult to accomplish in large groups or even MCG’s.
  5. Continued commitment to teaching kids big truths.
  6. Establishment of an MCC library (even if only the size of a large closet).
  7. Weekly young boys/girls Bible study (focus on practical holiness and outreach).
  8. Big brother/sister mentors between college and elementary children.
  9. Formal discipleship targeting teens by older MCC members of the same gender.
  10. Regular youth group meetings for teens.
  11. Offer additional adult EH classes weekly.
  12. Rotation of teaching women in our women’s ministry/Bible study.
  13. Discipleship program with curriculum.
  14. Weekly Bible study for young people.
  15. Structured individual discipleship for boy ages10-17.
  16. Intentional relationship-building; 1:1 meetings with men:boys.
  17. Permanent EH classes (in tandem with) regular seasonal classes.
  18. Accountability groups (3-4) meeting monthly to help one another with their walk.
  19. Women’s studies geared toward Scripture that build up each other in the faith, rather than strict theology.
  20. Women’s Bible Study taught by women of the church.
  21. Accountability partners of mixed ages.
  22. Formation of a youth and/or young adult group to disciple our teenagers.
  23. More intentional discipleship program for women to connect women with each other.
  24. Scripture memory program in MCG’s.
  25. Bible studies and fellowship opportunities for mothers of small children.
  26. Training program for small group leaders to create a vision, structure and curriculum.
  27. Annual choral retreats.
  28. MCC Scriptorium.
  29. Youth Bible trivia or Bible bowl.
  30. Marriage/Parenting Conferences.
  31. MCA/MCC sports camps.
  32. Two more elders.
  33. Annual Bible intensive retreat(s).
  34. MCC to host a higher profile Bible conference on OT/NT Survey, theology, etc.
  35. Elders meeting monthly with every family unit outside of worship and MCG time.
  36. Move to more of a liturgical style of worship.
  37. Dedication to Christ-centered preaching and making the Gospel known.
  38. A mission’s trip with a discipleship focus such as Bible and teaching training.
  39. A student/youth group ministry.
  40. A Children’s Christmas Program.
  41. Promote a Christian counseling ministry open to the community and MCC Membership.


  1. More focus on getting singles together.
  2. Expanded building/Fellowship Hall/kitchen area.
  3. Continued diversity RE: life stages, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicity as the Lord allows.
  4. Greater assimilation and integration of new members.
  5. Greater openness, vulnerability and confession of sin.
  6. Stewardship of teenage/college students.
  7. Assign people from different MCG’s to have lunch together on Sundays.
  8. Quarterly outings/events with church folks to spend time together apart from Sundays.
  9. Women or couples assigned to help as greeters.
  10. Hospitality committee to meet the needs of members/outsiders (meals for needy, illness, new babies, etc.).
  11. At least one family unit attending MCC as members from the community.
  12. Have fellowship means with multiple MCG’s for “cross” fellowship time.
  13. Regular times to confess sin to brothers or sisters.
  14. An Acts 2 body, bearing one another’s burdens; longing to serve one another.
  15. More events like the hike and campout group lunch after church on Sundays.
  16. MCG’s becoming an intentional venue for fellowship outside of study/prayer.
  17. Progressive suppers with people geographically convenient.
  18. Random table assignments at fellowship meals.
  19. More prompts and proactive 1:1 conversations about Scripture.
  20. Church picnics with grill out, games, sports, etc.
  21. Formation of homogeneous small groups based on age, including one for young families.
  22. Regularly scheduled events just for fun, including sports, campfires, etc.
  23. A stronger, more consistent fellowship with the Congolese church.
  24. Continued gatherings with Dynamic Life Church.
  25. More monthly activities that are open to everyone.
  26. Renovated foyer and more time for welcoming that will allow for deeper fellowship.
  27. More seating in sanctuary.
  28. Church-wide Swahili learning class.
  29. Music/chorale lessons program.
  30. Activities for high school/middle school students.
  31. 5K/1 mi. fun run/walk.
  32. Church ski trip.
  33. Smaller Equipping Hour groups so people can get to know each other on a deeper level.
  34. MCC members would have more of an openness to talk about struggles, sins, and confession.
  35. Deeper relationships/mentorship outside of the family unit.
  36. Alternate MCG pairings for Project Patricia.
  37. Purchase more equipment for outdoor activities.
  38. Invite past members to the 25th celebration and share testimonies of how God has worked in those touched by the ministry of MCC.
  39. Members being more active in inviting other members into their homes.


  1. Missions trip for Todd & Julie.
  2. Skills workshop in Croatia or other places.
  3. MCA/MPA Ballet and music logistical space needs.
  4. Continued dedication to partnerships that are both deep and wide.
  5. Great fruit from relationships with KCKCC, Refuge KC and Junction Elementary.
  6. Invested relational evangelism among the membership.
  7. Healthy churches planted in Croatia.
  8. A healthy church planted in KC metro.
  9. Membership growth from converts, especially within our immediate geographical area.
  10. Periodic, well-designed, well-written mailings stating the gospel, info about MCC, and an invitation.
  11. Mission’s trips utilizing more of the gifts of MCC membership.
  12. Hosting Bible conference with Children’s program for partners in Croatia.
  13. Project Patricia missions trip.
  14. Offer ESL classes for refugees.
  15. Start community church club to open up relationships with community and Junction Elementary.
  16. Regular neighborhood dinners like a spaghetti dinner MCC did several years ago.
  17. More events that involve the neighborhood.
  18. Allow high schoolers to participate at the KCKCC outreach table.
  19. MCG events in surrounding neighborhoods/parks.
  20. Restructure missions giving into a “Faith Promise” offering.
  21. Expand our role in Croatia by creating a permanent liaison with Prices/Warners.
  22. Invite unbelieving friends to a picnic or grill-out, with games or activities.
  23. Regularly scheduled home fellowships with a mix of believers and unbelievers.
  24. More direct involvement with orphans/ orphanages.
  25. Direct support of a pro-life pregnancy center.
  26. Praying for and finding connections to do missions trips to Canada and Ireland.
  27. MCC sponsored professional shows.
  28. A foster care ministry in the church.
  29. Expansion of adoption ministry.
  30. More intentional outreach to refugees, foster kids/families.
  31. More missionaries sent out from MCC.
  32. In-house ESL classes.
  33. Intentional outreach to the community around MCC.
  34. Reaching out to refugees to take a more active part in our weekly services.
  35. A larger children’s ministry.
  36. Intentional opportunities to serve and interact with the local first responders.
  37. Host more events that are for the public (Neighborhood picnic, sports camps, etc.).
  38. More mission’s trip opportunities.
  39. MCC Membership would be more intentionally involved in the local community.
  40. Expansion of college outreach at Kansas City Kansas Community College.
  41. More people from the community to be saved and become members of MCC.
  42. More of a participation in ministry to the homeless or needy.
  43. MCC would acquire a house for use as a missionary retreat/furlough house.
  44. Acquire a bus/van to provide transportation for those who need it.
  45. Street evangelism focusing on inner city outreach.
  46. Have a paid Elder whose focus is on outreach ministry.


  1. Continued commitment to lengthy prayer in our various gatherings.
  2. Greater delight in private devotions among the membership.
  3. Greater delight in family worship among the membership.
  4. Designate a prayer time at the beginning of each season for the schedule for that quarter.
  5. Prayer partners for a specific period to share requests and commit to pray for each other.
  6. Local prayer drives around the church and around member’s neighborhoods.
  7. More dedicated prayer meetings like the vision and prayer night.
  8. Hymn/prayer worship nights once per month or quarter.
  9. More specific strategies to improve our prayer lives and create more prayer warriors.
  10. Set up a schedule for praying for one another as we do for our short-term missions teams.
  11. Evening prayer meetings for the whole church.
  12. 1:1 same gender prayer time to encourage growth in relationships.
  13. Intentional monthly nights of prayer.
  14. Pairing of families to intentionally pray for each other.
  15. Have prayer groups responsible for praying for membership of MCC.
  16. Have weekly prayer meetings around the city.
  17. Add another “Week of Prayer” late spring/early summer
  18. Implement prayer retreats (3-4 days) out of town.
  19. I-435 loop prayer drive.
  20. Be more intentional to pray for those serving our country (military, first responders).


  1. Greater focus on the person and work of Christ in our liturgy (“rehearsing the gospel”).
  2. Add lavatories next to the kitchen.
  3. Carpet classrooms.
  4. New sanctuary.
  5. Women’s internships.
  6. More women’s service opportunities.
  7. Sermon feed in the nursery.
  8. More growth in the MPA.
  9. Beginner’s class on biblical languages; i.e. elementary Greek/Hebrew
  10. Have a building free of materials that we neither use nor need.
  11. Young people will put their faith and trust in Jesus, willingly serving in the church and community.
  12. Hymn sings as a whole church activity.
  13. More singing in our MCG’s.
  14. Develop a structured security team and plan.
  15. Video available for overflow seating, or parents stepping out with kids.
  16. Update classrooms.
  17. Special music “worship night” services to get together and just sing.
  18. Have a member be the “MCC Photographer” member to create photos memories.
  19. Our congregation would grow more in ethnic and generational diversity.
  20. Remodel the basement.
  21. New carpet.
  22. MCC would make much of Jesus and his work on the cross in all church settings.
  23. Re-do parking lot and entrance to include a canopy and circle drive for drop-offs.
  24. Remodeled area for Project Patricia to streamline snapping more than it already is.
  25. Have a church softball team!
  26. Have a “shop” class program that helps the youth develop practical lifelong skills.
  27. Build an outdoor covered shelter/pavilion with a fire pit or fireplace.
  28. Expand the men’s restroom.
  29. More parking space on the east or north side of sanctuary.
  30. New windows on the north side of sanctuary.
  31. Finish the baptistry area and the room on south side of baptistry.
  32. Build a gym.

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