Shut the Mouths of Lions – A Daniel Hymn

Lyrics by Todd R. Chipman



Shut the mouths of lions,   
O believer in Christ
Your God rules the nations
And He will make you wise     

Verse 1:

Though you dwell in a foreign land,
Yet there you are under God’s hand.
When false witnesses rise and scheme,
Look to Him and not on self lean.

Verse 2:

If rulers build gold to the sky,
To your room flee—windows op’n wide.
On your knees, you will conquer them,
Your God rules the kingdoms of men.

Verse 3:

King Jesus came and will again,
The Son of Man now reigns in Heav’n.
His kingdom will end never,
The judgment is in your favor!

Verse 4:

Wars on earth rage forever on,
But war above for us is won.
Times and seasons your God directs,
And He will aid you to the end.