Alexander Volkman

My name is Alexander Volkman. I have been a member of Master’s since January 2011 and currently serve as the Deacon of Media & Technology. It is a blessing to me to develop and implement technology to build up the church and minimize distraction to allow for focus on Worship each week.

I am originally from Galt, CA where I grew up in a military home, and was taught to love the Lord from a young age. When I was in high school, I attended a Christian camp where I became convicted of my sin, that I had been pretending to be a Christian but not really believing. It was there the Lord brought me to Himself. I came to Kansas City in 2010 to attend Calvary Bible College and it was there I met my wife, Kara. After we graduated, we were married at Master’s in the summer of 2012. God has gifted us with four children. As a family, we enjoy gardening, building things, and hunting as well as fellowship with our friends at church.

In college, I was afforded many opportunities to develop technological skills by tinkering as well as working part time at RadioShack. When I started attending Master’s I was quickly plugged in to the media team where I developed a passion for serving the Lord by doing techy things well. In September of 2020, the elders asked me to begin serving as a Deacon over all things related to media and technology. Here we seek to use technology to enhance our ability to do ministry, serving the body as effectively as tech allows; we also seek to build up and encourage through media while minimizing distraction during worship by doing these things with excellence to the glory of God.