Main Idea: Fear God and follow Christ by the Spirit as you join the redeemed in resting in the reigning Christ’s presence, singing a new song of salvation, and hoping in God judging his enemies and rewarding his own.


  1. Vision 1: The Redeemed’s Rest and Song of Salvation (14:1–5)
  2. What John Saw: The Reigning Christ with the Redeemed in His Presence (14:1)
  3. What John Heard: The Redeemed Singing a New Song of Salvation (14:2–5)
  4. Vision 2: The Hope of God’s Judgment and Reward (14:6–13)
  5. What John Saw: Three Angels Declaring God’s Judgment and Urging Perseverance (14:6–12)
  6. What John Heard: The Spirit Declaring the Redeemed’s Reward (14:13)