Glenda Wylie

My name is Glenda Wylie, and I have been at The Master’s Community Church since August of 2006.  I currently oversee the Project Patricia ministry where I am able to fulfill my dream of sewing all day long!  Along with a few other duties 🙂

I grew up in College Mound, a small town in northeast Missouri, population 43!  I attended a one-room schoolhouse and also a Presbyterian church — the only one in town.  A friend at school invited me to a revival at her church in a nearby town where I learned about Christ and His love for me, and accepted His gift of eternal salvation.  I have two grown children and six wonderful grandchildren, ages 2 through 16.  I love spending time when them, and even got to teach the sole granddaughter to sew for Project Patricia!

The Project Patricia ministry was initially created by my daughter, and then readily adopted by The MCC elders as a tool for outreach and service to women in under-developed countries who suffer the indignities of having few, if any, feminine hygiene projects.  I have been sewing since a very young age, and this is a perfect fit for me.  I am so very blessed that every man, woman and child at The MCC assists in this very important ministry — so important that I was asked to be the deaconess in charge of it.  I was very happy to accept!


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