Pastor Adam Anderson

My name is Adam Anderson. My wife Julia and I are founding members of Master’s Community Church, and I am one of the elders, and also serve as the music ministry leader. Julia serves as the church secretary and also participates regularly in our musical worship team, the Master’s Chorale

I was born and raised in Kansas City, KS. Growing up I had a natural ability to draw, and did well with art and I enjoyed various other kinds of creative work. Around the age of 10, I became interested in music and guitar, and since then have devoted most of my time improving as a guitarist and musician. I went to college to study music where I met Julia. Through her witness, the Lord drew me to Himself and within months she and I got married. Right away we began to serve the Lord through music together. As our lives progressed, the Lord was kind to bless us with two sons and a daughter, and we enjoy seeing God continually at work through our family and church.

I became the music ministry leader at MCC as the Lord seemed to create the opportunity for me to serve in that capacity very early in my membership at Master’s in the summer of 1999.  A couple years later, I was approached about serving as an elder. I went through our internship program and was ordained in November of 2002. For many years I also led our prayer ministry. We have been tremendously blessed to have a great depth of musical talent at MCC, and have seen more and more people get involved in our music ministry. I am grateful that Christ has used our music ministry to enhance our worship gatherings, and to see our fellowship deepen as we exalt Christ together in worship.


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