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What’s the Long-Lasting Value of Short-Term Missions Trips?

Bible Text: Acts 14:21-22; 16:5; 18:23 | Preacher: Todd Chipman | Series: Topical On the latter half of Paul’s first missionary journey (Acts 14:21-22), at

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The End of Missions and the Instrument of Missions

Bible Text: Revelation 5; Colossians 4:2-4 | Preacher: Todd Price “The End of Missions and the Instrument of Missions” (Rev 5; Col 4:2-4) A sermon

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What Characterizes a Successful Missions Trip?

Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 12-14 | Preacher: Todd Chipman As each participant employs their gifts in love, the gospel message can be seen and compel

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Why should Missions concern MCC?

Bible Text: Revelation 1 | Preacher: Todd Chipman Because Christ dwells among His gathered people—those whom He has forgiven by His blood and made a

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Outreach Season and Christian Missions

Bible Text: Romans 15 | Preacher: Dr. Jason Duesing | Series: Missions Dr. Jason Duesing, Provost of Midwestern Seminary, will be preaching from Romans 15

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