Reflections from Psalm…

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the “grand country” of Texas J LOL…. JK. Just wanted to send you a little note of encouragement. I miss each of you so much!

While I know we will remain fast friends for a LONG time J I can’t help but remember fondly the times we got to spend more time together on a weekly basis. God has used the MCC and each of you individually to impact my life in a very meaningful way.

I remember the first time I ever came to the MCC. Adam greeted me at the door because he was going to scoop snow (I had showed up early because I didn’t know how to drive in snow and it took me forever).  Later I sat behind the Andersons and remember how Jaden, Adam and Ethan sat in a row and each one had the same cowlick and ears that stuck out at the same angle. It just made me smile. (Sorry guys, don’t want to embarrass you but hey, it was awesome).

I remember the Chipman’s used to sit in their row up front and sneak glances at the new person until a few months in and Julie realized they weren’t paying attention to the sermon. (Even then, Chesed would not turn her head but STRAIN to see me from the corner of her eyes – what a rebel J).

I remember Grace, Faith, Sarah and Rebecca used to charge the door every week to say hi at the same time… I know it was a bad habit, but it was a highlight of my week.

But what made me stay? What made the MCC my home? For the first time in my life… I was in a place where many believers were striving together to honor God with their lives. No one was perfect, but for the first time my heart was at peace while at church. Previously I had been in churches torn apart from sinful, ungodly bickering and backstabbing… at the MCC, I found people who showed that Christ was indeed the King by their love for one another and the consistent working out of their faith. Writing this, my heart is overwhelmed with the sorrow of missing you, and yet the joy of having the privilege of calling you brothers and sisters and the remembrance of you.

I am thankful for all the amazing things I have learned from you over the years. Through your example, I have been challenged to:

  • Be more concerned for others than for myself (thank you Glenda Wylie)
  • Take the time to spend with the younger women and invest in their lives (thank you Diane Langdon)
  • Expand my understanding of God’s Word through diligent study (thank you Adam Anderson)
  • Thoughtfully celebrate life moments and intentionally develop meaningful relationships (thank you Julie Chipman)
  • Be gentle and compassionate, and yet hilariously funny (thank you Celeste)
  • Serve faithfully without complaint for the benefit of the family (thank you Jay Whited)
  • Know and understand North, South, East and West and general geography (thank you Carmen Whited)
  • Eat a huhu grub (thank you… you know who you are, but I don’t think I ever will eat one… I just don’t think I could get past the gag reflex)
  • Faithfully and diligently care for your little ones – always looking for ways to show them who Christ is from a young age (thank you Rachel Singleton)
  • Serve in the “little ways” because it makes a big difference (thank you Chesed Chipman)
  • Watch sports occasionally because Sporty things can be fun and even cool [even when you accidentally cheer for the wrong team] (thank you Sarah Chipman)
  • Faithfully encourage one another (thank you Vicki Rogers)
  • Work diligently for your family (thank you Voltron)
  • Share Christ with the world through your job (thank you Brandon Yates)
  • Be  a friend (thank you Hannah Viens)
  • Love God through thick and thin (thank you Kim Viens)
  • Cheerfully and thankfully embrace life (thank you Becca Sutton)
  • Love all things tech nerd (thank you Jim Viens I still remember you showing me a gazzlion commercials comparing EVO and the IPhone LOL)
  • Be hospitable and concerned for one another’s needs (thank you Joyce and Clarence Jackson)
  • Be relentlessly compassionate to others  – even ornery sisters (thank you Jaden Anderson)
  • Live life with passion and love for friends, family and music (thank you Rebekah)
  • Share life and laughter, even when you don’t feel like it (thank you Psalm… I mean Summer Walker)
  • Be faithful in your commitments (thank you Patrick Walker)
  • Help others and be a good friend (thank you Dawson and Donovan Walker)
  • Be loyal to your friends, and yet not exclude others (thank you  Anna and Elizabeth, Faith and Sarah, and Grace and Rebecca)
  • Understand that guns, camouflage and mounted goose heads are not just for Tennessee Hillbillies (thank you Skye Singleton [disclaimer: I meant mounted Moose heads haha – PS. Second Lesson… never rob a baptismal… one may never live that down]
  • Always think through the lessons and try to understand the true meaning (thank you Ethan Anderson)
  • Poke people (thank you Chris Whited)
  • Poke people on facebook (thank you Anna Chipman)
  • Consistently consider God’s Word and remind others of who God is in His very character (thank you Dennis Matthews)
  • Faithfully serve family (thank you Julie Yates)
  • Disciple others in the Lord (thank you Ryan Thompson)
  • Serve in ways that take care of peoples basic needs (thank you Mary Whited)
  • Serve consistently and faithfully (thank you Ginger Harrison)
  • Be willing to submit yourself to authority (thank you JT Chipman)
  • Consistently find ways to encourage others and challenge in practical ways (thank you Julie Anderson)
  • Be a servant leader (thank you Todd Chipman)
  • Compassionately care for your loved ones (thank you Jim Langdon)

Overall, I know that I did not mention everyone – I am sorry if I missed you, it is not because you are not important to me. I did not mention the WHOLE impact you have made in my life. In reality, I know that you impacted me because of the change God has wrought in your life. I wish I could go on and on and tell you every story and every meaningful moment… but we would be here for the next 7 years (literally).

God has changed you. God has put you together under Christ. God has chosen to allow you to walk alongside one another and strive together for His glory and to honor His name in the world. What a joy to walk with you for a short time. What a joy to look forward to remaining friends and family for a lifetime! Your love for Christ has made me love Him more and for that I am extremely grateful and encouraged. Carry on till He returns or calls us home!

With all my love!

Your sister in Christ,






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