“Motherhood,” an Interview with Kara

What has been a surprise about being a mom?
It has surprised me how smooth the transition has been adding Dustin to our family. I Have obviously had a lot to learn (and still do!) but in many ways it’s hard to remember what life was like without him, and being a mom has felt fairly natural. That surprised me!

What has been a special joy for you?
Seeing Dustin learn new things has been delightful to me. When he realized he could bounce on his legs, scoot on his back, or discovered his voice, I loved seeing in his face that he enjoyed a new skill or experience. It makes me very excited for the months and years to come when he learns more and more. We are just at the beginning!

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as a parent? 
The biggest challenge in parenting so far has been finding balance in my time management. There are many things to get done in my day, yet also a sweet boy that wants to play and cuddle. It’s easy to get caught up in one or the other. I’m beginning to find a new rhythm for my days, which has helped. Sometimes I have to tell myself, “It’s okay if the dishes don’t get done right this minute, Kara. Dustin needs you more in this moment.” I’m naturally a very time oriented person who does best with a structured schedule. As a mom,  I’ve had to let go of some of that. Again, finding the balance can be a challenge!

How have you seen God’s faithfulness in special ways since having Dustin? 
In the years since Alex and I met, got engaged, and married, we have had to rely on the Lord’s provision. Having Dustin, though, has brought a deeper understanding of God’s goodness to be sufficient for us and meet our needs. We are now completely responsible for Dustin’s well being and needs, and that can be a scary thing. Yet we know that he is ultimately in the Lord’s hands and that brings peace. We trust God’s faithfulness to meet not only our own needs, but also now our son’s.

Never have I been so thankful to be surrounded by other like minded believers who offer wisdom and support than I have since having Dustin. We’re so thankful that being a part of Master’s does not just mean worshiping together once a week, but it means doing life together. This has become even more clear to me since having Dustin. Our fellowship with the body has extended beyond the church walls through prayers, meeting physical needs, encouraging words, and wise counsel. Being a new parent would be a hard road to walk alone, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the support, love, and help that has stemmed from a body that values unity and love for one another.


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