Behind the Scenes of “O Night Divine,” Upcoming MCC Christmas Cantata

Question: What most excites you about this year’s MCC Celebration Choir performance of “O Night Divine”?
Alan: It is most important to select music that is right for the group. This cantata fits our choir particularly well. This year the music focuses on a single moment, unique in time, when God came to earth in human form. A moment planned before time, that changed the course of history, with eternal consequences that we dare not ignore. The harmonies and rhythms add to that message. It is exciting to see it all come together.
Question: How is the performance of a Cantata a fellowship ministry of MCC?
Alan: Fellowship may be described as “two or more people in close association, often speaking of them as sharing in something.” Once again, this year we have worked jointly toward a common goal, binding us together in that effort. Singers are helping and encouraging one another in and out of choir. Sometimes this carries on after the rehearsal when members are chatting together in the lobby.
Question: For you personally, how has God answered prayer this year in preparation for the performance?
Alan: Finding music this year was more difficult than in the past. I began to develop a “Plan B,” when suddenly, it was there. The music I needed came in the mail, and I knew it was right. Praise God for His guidance.
Question: How many Cantata performances have you led over the years? Any that were especially meaningful?
Alan: I’m not sure I can answer that question, but the first cantata I directed was an Easter cantata in 1963. Since then, I have been directing most years until 2000. With the new millennium came a new lifestyle, and I sang in Texas but did little directing. We returned to New Jersey as caregivers for my mother in law from 2008-2014. That was a period of incubation where the Lord was working deeply in the “corners” of my heart. I was involved in several choirs doing concerts during Christmas and Easter. It was a fun time.
            When we moved to Kansas City, we hoped to find a church with a choir in which I could sing. Instead, the Lord sent us to Master’s. No choir. It’s been a joy to use my decades of experience to produce several Christmas choral concerts—for the praise of His glory.

Don't lose any sleep over it! We have a delayed start on Sunday, March 10, 2024

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