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Great Expectations That Lead to an Illustrious Inheritance

God has revealed Himself (Luke 1:1-4; 2:1-7) – and often confirms His activity in our lives in supernatural ways (Luke 2:8-14) – so that we

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Don’t Worry! Heaven is Real, Spiritual Forces Exist and Victory is Ours!

During tough and trying times, (Daniel 10:1-3) God’s appointed messengers (Daniel 10:4-9) and Holy Words (Daniel 10:10-14 ) encourage those in the Faith towards victory

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The blessing of moms in God’s Kingdom, Be a FHUN Mom!

As God gifts mother’s with purpose by His Mercy and Grace; Mother’s gift your children with the knowledge of God’s unending faith, amazing power and

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A New and Better Way; The Righteous shall LIVE by Faith!

Paul continues his argument that salvation is by Faith, not by works, and asks his audience to consider the curse of the Law, (Verses 10-14)

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The end of the Road for Hezekiah, But Never for God’s People!

The recognition of pride (sin) in the believer’s heart and life (vs.24 -25) should result in repentance (vs. 26) leading to receiving restoration and riches

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When the Going gets Tough, Seek God

Bible Text: 2 Chronicles 20 | Preacher: Jared Webb | Series: Courageous in the Covenant | When the going gets tough, the tough seek GOD!

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